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tv   8 News Now Good Day  CBS  September 26, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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one person is dead after a man opens fire at a starbucks. how the shooting started . ((kirsten joyce)) >> plus...a man is in jail this morning after a barricade sitiuation. how police finally got him into custody. . ((brian loftus)) >> and...we could be expecting some rain during this week's forecast. sherry is here with the day's weather. ((kirsten joyce)) 8 news now good day, the valley's news leader, starts right now./// ((now, live...this is 8 news now good day.)) ((kirsten joyce)) 8 news now good day, the valley's news leader. i'm kirsten joyce. ((brian loftus)) >> and i'm brian loftus. today, metro police are expected to release more information about the suspect in the deadly shooting and barricade situation at a valley starbucks. ((kirsten joyce)) >> investigators say the situation began at the store near warm springs and rainbow .. sunday around noon .. when the man's credit card was declined at the drive- thru window ... officers say he then went inside and got into an argument with another customer ... whom police say the suspect
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man, but he later died. one mother tells us her daughter was inside the starbucks when the shooting happened: ((>> kim plank, daughter inside store during shooting: " she just said she heard a guy with a gun got down and then as soon as she had a chance she jumped out the drive thru window.")) ((kirsten joyce)) >> the area was evacuated .. and police say the alleged gunman initially came out with the other customers .. and called police to give a fake suspect description. however, witnesses identified the man and police arrested him. the suspect told officers there was a bomb in his backpak along with the bomb squad and fbi agents .. responders used a robot to investigate the bag, but didn't find anything dangerous. again-- police are expected to release the name of the suspect later today and we will continue to keep you update on 8 news now both on air and online./// ((brian loftus)) and metro police were also on the scene of another barricade yesterday ... near farhill and the 215. it went on for several hours .. and said it was domestic related. the area was closed off as swat and other officers worked
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arrested./// ((brian loftus)) if you've ever had a question you wanted to ask someone in law enforcement... let us know! we're asking sheriff joe lombardo questions from the viewers every wednesday... during our new segment, morning cup of joe. to submit a question... just go to las vegas now dot com... and look for the "don't miss" section. you can find out if your question was chosen.. wednesday between 6:30 and 7 a-m./// sherry how's the weather today? ((sherry swensk))
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but not for long. clear skies out there and a quarter moon in the eastern sky. ............. light winds and cooling down to 70 degrees. the mornings this weekend were beautifully cool. ........ and the air very dry with breezes all weekend. . today then a chance for showers this week and cooler. let's take a look at the roads with michael stevens ((demetria obilor))
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of the suspect. if you know anything about this case you're asked to call crimestoppers./// ((brian loftus)) henderson police say a 30- year- old woman was stabbed to death early saturday morning at her home near sunset and boulder highway. officers arrested 48-year old michael kaplan.. the relationship between the two is unclear .. but we do know they lived together. he now faces an open murder charge. there were children in the home at the time ... but we know they were living together. a 7- year- old ... 3- year- old ... and 3 month old .. they are now in the care of child protective services. history of domestic violence./// ((kirsten joyce)) some activists want to remove a statue of president andrew jackson. ((brian loftus)) >> we'll tell you about the protests that turned violent in new orleans. ((kirsten joyce)) >> plus the smithsonian opens a new museum that honors african american culture and history./// ((you're watching the valley's news leader... with brian loftus, kirsten joyce, sherri swensk and demetria obilor.
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demetria obilor. this is 8 news now good day)) ((brian loftus)) the cascade mall in washington will reopen today for the first time since a gunman shot and killed 5 people over the weekend washington state police arrested 20-year-old arcan cetin near his home without incident. four women were shot dead in the make-up area at macy's and a man died later.
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arriving at the mall unarmed, then entering macy's 10 minutes later with a hunting-style rifle. the victims range in age from a teenager to senior citizens. victor solano, eyewitness: >> it wasn't all at once, it was more like a shot and then two seconds later another shot. butt too mayor steve sexton, burlington, washington: we suffered the devastating loss of five treasured members of our community who were doing something any of us would do any day. ((brian loftus)) >> the fbi helped in the search for the suspe. armed when they took him into custody./// ((kirsten joyce)) in new orleans... several different groups banded together with plans to take down the andrew jackson monument. others were there to defend it. city council members voted to remove four confederate monuments... but the andrew jackson monument was not one of them. caresse jackman has more. seven arrested at jackson square proteststatue protest michael harrisonsuper intendent of policeseven arrested at jackson
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proteststatue protestnews joe luscynew orleansseven arrested at jackson square proteststatue protest seven arrested at jackson square proteststatue protest marching into jackson square-- activists and supporters from take em down nola --came with one thing on their mind-- yank down the statue of andrew jackson. police placed barriers- some trying to get through-- with police blocking them off. seven people were arrested. they're now facing serveral charges-- inlcuding distrubing the peace--attempting to cross a police barricade and for illegal use of a weapon and aggravated assault for waving around a boxt superintendent of police) 1:32-1:43"the new orleans police department. the men and women did such an incredible job today managing four or maybe five different groups. all protesting at the same time at different times." before take em down nola arrived--- former klansman and senate candidate david duke--spoke with megaphone in hand --- with supporters by his side defending jackson statue--- many in the crowd booed him before he left. despite a few tense moments---the protest remained peaceful. take em down nola wants city leaders to remove confederate monuments from the city.
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action's taken place.activists want jackson's statue added to the list. (local filmmaker) :41-:45 "i love america. of all creeds and colors. but we should not celebrate people like that man." (joe luscy/ new orleans) 6:06-6:13"you just can't walk into a federally funded park like jackson square, hook a rope to andrew jackson and tear him down off his horse. you just can't do that." others who attended the protests say if take em down nola wants the statue gone--find a different way... (joe luscy/new orleans)4:31-4:44 you gotta wait for the city to do wha the city voted on doing. you just can't come out here with a lynch mob and expect to tear down a statue that's a apart of national history." as the statue remains standing---police are just grateful-- everyone--no matter their stance--went home safe. in jackson square. cj eyewitness news. ((kirsten joyce)) washington d.c has a new national museum thousands are leang t enof the culture. several politicians, activists, d civil rights leaders were in d.c to celebrate the event including president obama. during his speech obama said the museum will help americans understand each other. president barack obama: >> ("so this national museum helps to tell a richer
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president, but also the slave.) ((kirsten joyce)) >> the latest smithsonian museum has been in the works for decades, but was set in motion in 2003 when president bush signed a bill creating it. the museum is the only one in the smithsonian institution focused on african-american president barack obama was the key note speaker of the event./// ((brian loftus)) stay with us we'll be back after the break you're watching 8 news
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((brian loftus)) a new washington post-abc news poll has hillary clinton and donald trump in a dead heat heading into tonight's debate. experts say the out-spoken republican nominee trump will have to demonstrate policy expertise: while democratic candidate clinton will need to overcome trust questions. ((kirsten joyce)) >> (the debate will be held at hofstra university... ) the focus of the debate will
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economic growth, and the country's direction. the build up to the 90-minute debate could mean more viewers than carter vs. reagan in 1980./// sherry how's the weather today? ((sherry swensk)) a warm monday with 90s coming
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but not for long. clear skies out there and a quarter moon in the eastern sky.out ............. light winds and cooling down to 70 degrees. the mornings this weekend were beautifully cool. ........ and the air very dry with breezes all weekend. ................ temps back to warmer low 90s this week and cooler. let's take a look at the roads with demetria ((michael stevens))
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- traffic problem near rainbow and charleston. - ramp closure nb 95 at flamingo.
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mcdonald's is trying all- day breakfast.... for kids! ((kirsten joyce)) >> the happy meal options you'll be able to get.... coming up on 8 news now good day, the valley's news leader./// you're watching 8 news
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[ cellphone ringing ] it's just another scandal from danny tarkanian. for those with an elaborate scam that tricked hundreds of seniors into donating to fraudulent charities, totaling millions. and when a shady tarkanian deal went bust, he refused to pay back $17 million, sticking taxpayers with the bill. why would we ever send danny tarkanian to congress?
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start your week on 8 news now good day.. with "monday mornings with the mayors." each week we'll hear from one of our southern nevada local mayors. this morning mesquite's mayor allan litman will be in studio to answer questions that our viewers have sent in./// ((kirs certain type of tortoise is leaving pet owners with a major problem. they start tiny but can grow to weigh more than 200 pounds and can live for decades. now a rescue group is advising people to stop buying them. julie watts reports. they're small and cute... can be super smart... some "sulcata tortoises" even respond to their names.... (owen maercks/east bay vivarium) "of all the tortoises i've
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personality." but owen maercks (merks) of berkeley's "vivarium" warns... these little guys come with a huge downside... (nats) meet tank... he "also" started out the size of a tennis ball... and now weighs close to 250 pounds.... sonoma county animal rescuer..... al wolf.... says tank was surrendered.... 20 years ago.... at a mere 32 pounds... the tortoises can live to be over 100 years old.... and, wolf says ... like most... tank is a destructive powerhouse.... (al wolf/sonoma county animal rescue) "they can break all your lawn furniture." a growing problem.... for thg some.. who buy them "impulsively" on line.... or at reptile shows... and don't realize what they're getting into... (al wolf/sonoma county animal rescue) "they eat the same thing a horse does and when it comes out the other's the same thing like a horse. do you want to keep a horse in your house? no." the american tortoise rescue says rescue groups average three or four calls a week from owners who want to get rid of their sulcatas, most often... when they reach 50 pounds or 10 years old. it's calling on the pet industry and breeders to stop selling sulcatas. (owen maercks/east bay vivarium) "we're straight with people."
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purposes only... for every 100 customers who come in for one.... (owen maercks/east bay vivarium) "10 consider it and 1 may actually buy." (julie watts/cbs news/san francisco) the tortoises cost between 50 and 100 dollars and in most cases zoos will not take them off your hands. in san francisco, i'm julie watts. ((brian loftus)) a woman who ordered some chicken wings couldn't believe it when she opened up the box and saw a different type of dough. "selena avalos" says when she opened her lunch order from domino's-- she saw instead, thousands of dollars in cash. she called the downtown domino's store where she placed her order. avalos hoped to get but no one called back: (((selena avalos/ spacetel manager) "wouldn't they be thinking, where did that money go? right away. or, maybe the next day, but three days later, nothing? it's crazy." )) ((brian loftus)) without a response... selena contacted corporate. they connected her with the franchise owner. as a reward, she'll be getting free pizza for an entire year./// we'll be right back./// ((now, live...this is 8
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i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists. narrator: and joe heck says "i have high hopes we'll see donald trump become president." aah... narrator: heck says he "completely supports" trump. i would bomb the [bleep] out of them. narrator: and heck? reporter: you trust him having his finger on the nuclear button? heck: i do. reporter: why do you say that? heck: why wouldn't i? narrator: donald trump and joe heck.
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((kirsten joyce)) >> i'm kirsten joyce. tonight is the big night for presidential candidates hillary clinton and donald trump... as they go head- to- head for the very first time. ((brian loftus)) >> as many as 100- million potential voters will be watching. dianne gallagher is live this morning with a preview of the monday's 90-minute debate will be divided into six


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